Fast and Dependable Food Delivery to Your Doorstep

Never make that late-night grocery store run again

It's a Friday night, and you just got home from work. The last thing you want is to turn around and go back to the grocery store. Skip the hassle, and order in with SLYDE instead.

With SLYDE's delivery services, you can place food orders from restaurants, cafes or even convenience stores. Looking to make your own meal? You can also order all of your weekly groceries through SLYDE.

Make the end of your workday stress free and delicious by scheduling your delivery now.

Food delivery has never been easier

It's fast and easy to request a food delivery with SLYDE. When you order with us, you can always expect this streamlined process:

1. You order food from a restaurant or grocery store, and pay in full
2. You contact SLYDE for a food delivery, and pay for our services up front
3. SLYDE dispatches one of our drivers to the restaurant or grocery store
4. The SLYDE driver picks up your order, and delivers the food to your home
5. You enjoy a hot meal delivered straight from the restaurant to your front door

Ask about our 10% discount on your tenth order when you schedule your food order today.