Ride With SLYDE

SLYDE's Riders is the stress-free ride share service you need

When you book a ride service, your drive should never be a gamble. You deserve a reliable driver and safe trip every time. With SLYDE's Riders service, you can always expect that your ride will be fast, easy to order and professional.
Here's what you can always expect when you schedule a SLYDE ride:

You request a ride through our website or over the phone
You notify our services of your current location and drop-off
A driver provides you with a price estimation of your trip
SLYDE provides your driver's information and dispatches the car
You track the driver on your phone until the car arrives for pick-up

Trust SLYDE's rides to put your mind at ease with its buddy system, a security phone app that allows you to alert one friend about your trip. Your buddy will have access to your driver's information and be able to track your drive until you safely arrive at your destination.
Reach out now to learn more about our safety measures and drive-ordering process.

A ride that matches your travel needs

Skip unexpected credit card charges and unnecessary ride rules. With SLYDE's Riders service, you can customize your trip. Order your ride on our website or over the phone. Not only can you choose whether you pay in cash or with credit, but you can even notify SLYDE if this is a standard ride or non-emergency medical trip.
Don't sweat over unreliable drivers and no-show fees. Call us today to schedule your SLYDE ride, and ask about our 10% discount on your tenth ride.