On-the-Go Roadside Assistance

Trust SLYDE with any car trouble on the road

You've got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, and no one who can get there in time. Don't let towing companies take advantage of you with overpriced fees. Contact SLYDE's roadside assistance services when you encounter car trouble on the road.
SLYDE is ready to help you with any roadside issue, including:

Unlocking doors from the outside
Jump-starting dead batteries
Removing and replacing flat tires
Delivering gasoline for empty tanks
Towing cars to a given destination

With our 24/7 emergency services, our drivers will be there whenever you need us. Contact us ASAP when you encounter any car troubles or just lock your keys inside.

Protect yourself from unplanned car hazards

We want to make sure that you feel safe when car troubles occur. Until we arrive to provide assistance, here are some steps that you can take to protect yourself from road hazards:

  • Safely exit your vehicle and step off of the road
  • Stand at least 10 feet away from the street
  • Take note of any visible damage to your car
  • Contact a friend to notify them of your location
  • Reach out to your insurance company, if needed

Get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Call our expert roadside assistance services immediately when you experience problems on the road.